Mayan Melipona Honey

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100% Pure Organic, Xaman Blessed Melipona Honey. 100% of your purchase supports this project.

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Please note that our Mayan Melipona honey is available in three convenient sizes: 10ml with an eye dropper, 1oz, and 2oz. All three sizes contain the same exquisite honey, so whether you prefer the precision of an eye dropper or the versatility of larger bottles, you can enjoy the same exceptional product.

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Experience the rare and precious Blessed Mayan Melipona Honey, a 100% pure organic honey sourced from our Melipona beecheii bees of the Yucatan. Discover the revival of Mayan tradition and the preservation of these sacred bees through’s 501(c)3 charitable project.

Due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties this Stingless Bee honey has been used as a incredible natural treatment for wounds, burns and all skin ailments. It is the #1 ingredient in Mayan healing remedies

It is used by the Maya people in their eyes as alternative as it fights diseases such as cataracts, conjunctivitis, infections, dry eyes, heals scratches on the eye and eyelids after surgery. Honey in the eyes may sting, so may be diluted with water 1:1


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7 reviews for Mayan Melipona Honey

  1. Kevin W.

    Having experienced Mayan Melipona honey, its nuanced blend of floral, medicinal and earthy flavors is a unique honey taste. I know it has potent medicinal benefits but I also love the taste!

  2. Lisa Chamberlin

    This honey is magical, I have been using it for multiple purposes- i use it on sunburn, I put it on my face at night for improved skin health and I use it on bug bites. Recently, I got bit twice by a black hornet- I put this honey on right away and the sting, swelling, and redness went away immediately.

  3. The Solomon’s (verified owner)

    While I was in the Yucatán I adored the healing properties of the Melipona Beechii Honey. I cound not found 100% pure Melipona until now .This is the authentic 100% Pure Mayan Melipona I been searching for,truly extraordinary.

  4. D Solomon (verified owner)


  5. Rebel Near

    Wow. I cut my finger badly while chopping veggies. With a drop of honey and a bandage I healed in just 2 days.

  6. Linda Go

    My kitty had a tick bite and a few scratches that I treated with a drop of honey and VOILA! A day later the scratches were invisible and the tick bite was healed as well. That saved me a trip to the vets and gave me peace of mind. This is a miracle nectar.

  7. Rebecca Ann Robertson

    I have Exzema on both Temples
    I have tried Steroids, Avena, Frankincense
    and Plaintain with very little help
    Your Honey 🍯 applied twice daily has helped a lot almost immediately!

    Arthur Cushman M.D

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