Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary

Our Mission

Mayan Melipona Bee Tending Heritage

We are committed to the protection and continuation of the more than 3200-year-old tradition of Mayan Melipona bee tending. This ancient practice is a vital part of our global heritage system, embodying the wisdom and cultural richness of the Mayan civilization. By preserving this tradition, we ensure its transmission to future generations.


Our Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary Project is a multifaceted initiative dedicated to empowering women, protecting the Melipona bees, and preserving ancient Mayan culture. Through this project, we provide women with the necessary resources, knowledge, and support to start their own bee apiaries. These empowered women become guardians of the Mayan Melipona beekeeping tradition.

One of the key objectives of our project is to aid in sustaining ancient Mayan beekeeping practices. By supporting the sale of rare, medicinal honey produced by Melipona bees, we create economic opportunities for local communities while preserving and promoting the cultural significance of this unique heritage.


We believe in the power of women in driving positive change. Through our project, we provide funding, training, and resources for women in rural areas to establish their own Melipona honey bee apiaries. This empowers them with economic independence, fosters personal growth, and contributes to the overall well-being of their communities.


To protect and preserve the Melipona bee populations, we focus on establishing new Melipona Bee Sanctuaries. These sanctuaries serve as safe havens where the bees can thrive, ensuring the survival of these crucial pollinators. By supporting the establishment of sanctuaries, you contribute to maintaining a healthy ecological balance and safeguarding the intricate relationship between the bees and their environment.

Join us in preserving ancient traditions, empowering women, and establishing Melipona Bee Sanctuaries. Your contribution makes a significant impact on cultural preservation, economic growth, and ecological balance. Donate today to help us continue this important work.

Creating new sanctuaries
Our Signature Programs

Through our initiative, women in rural areas have the opportunity to start their own Melipona honey bee apiaries, fostering economic independence and growth.

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