Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary

An insightful interview with Rebecca, where she unveils the significance of Melipona bees, the sanctuary’s empowering mission, and her remarkable experiences at Chichen Itza om the Healing Wisdom Podcast.

🌟 Delve into the captivating journey where:

  • Pyramid temples mirror the tiered layers of Melipona beehives
  • Stingless Melipona bees safeguard rainforests in the Yucatan and the Amazon
  • Melipona honey, cultivated for over 3200 years, holds unique medicinal properties
  • Indigenous Mayan-speaking women receive training, resources, and Melipona bees
  • An ancient tradition is passed down through generations
  • A surviving Mayan Codex reveals the deep spiritual bonds with bees
  • Rebecca Ann Robertson, Director and Founder of MMBS, shares her insights

🎧 Listen to the Healing Wisdom podcast below or listen on BuzzSprout

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