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Healing Wisdom Podcast – S10 with Rebecca Ann Robertson

Dive into the magical realm of bees through “The Bee Tree,” a fascinating book recommended by us at the Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary. This tale masterfully merges themes of courage, tradition, and ecological conservation, offering a captivating narrative for all nature enthusiasts.

Set in the Malaysian rainforest, the story focuses on Nizam, a young boy primed to continue his grandfather Pak-Teh’s legacy as a honey hunter. As Nizam bravely follows his grandfather’s footsteps into the high reaches of the Tualang tree, readers gain insights into the profound respect and understanding needed when engaging with bees.

Authors Stephen Buchmann and Diana Cohn, alongside artist Paul Mirocha, bring the story to life with compelling narratives and vibrant illustrations. They weave a tale that resonates deeply with our sanctuary’s mission – promoting awareness and appreciation of bees’ critical role in our ecosystem.

For all nature lovers and bee enthusiasts out there, “The Bee Tree” is a must-read, providing a unique glimpse into the world of bees and traditional honey hunting practices. We encourage you to explore this enchanting book and immerse yourself in its rich, educational narrative.

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