Mayan Melipona Bee Sanctuary

Angelina Jolie and the Quest to Save the Melipona Bee

We’ve long admired those dedicated to the Melipona Stingless Bees of the Yucatán. When someone like Angelina Jolie champions the cause, the world takes notice.

Angelina Jolie recently visited Quintana Roo, Mexico this year, driven by her commitment to the Melipona bee. Her journey wasn’t just personal; it was a collaboration with the UNESCO program, “Women for the Bees.” As an ambassador, Angelina Jolie aims to spotlight the pivotal role women have in preserving beekeeping traditions and the Melipona bee’s critical ecological significance.

For over 3,200 years, the Maya have treasured the Melipona bee. Angelina Jolie’s involvement underscores the urgency of safeguarding these pollinators, whose decline could reshape ecosystems, cultures, and economies. With Angelina Jolie’s voice, global attention now shines on the Melipona bees and Yucatán’s pioneering women.

For a detailed look at Angelina Jolie’s Melipona bee mission in partnership with UNESCO, visit the full article on The Yucatán Times. Discover the world’s interwoven tapestry, from ancient traditions to modern champions like Angelina Jolie advocating for preservation.

Join us, and Angelina Jolie, in supporting Mayan beekeeping practices, championing women beekeepers, and establishing sanctuaries for the Melipona bee. Your involvement matters.

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